Friday, December 04, 2009

it's too late to regret.


AS ended 2 weeks ago, which was a day before my 18th birthday. 
It is such a relief at first. But as days passed, i'm starting to freak out about the outcoming result.
3 strong A's of course will always be my target. however, my head keeps saying it's impossible.(please be possible!) My perfomance during the exam was terrible, really was! It was such the biggest disaster ever happened to me and I admit that I gave the worst answers on those papers. I feel insecure about the result, i really am! And seriously, I AM SCARED. please time, do stop! I don't want to meet with MISS FEBRUARY 2010 which will show me the white paper with grades on it. Oh no, not yet!

I just realised that there's no way to turn back. I wish time machine is right next to me so that I can go back to June 09 and start all over again. But, it won't happen.

it's too late to regret, isn't it?

Now, the second semester has just started. I must be more serious than the previous semester as I'm gonna sit for A2 in May/June 2010, which is the duration is not enough for me. Plus, I was told that the subjects are getting complicated to be understood and so are the questions, getting harder. Not to be forgotten, I also will be sitting for Entrance Exam and IELTS around March-April.

So, I'm making a list of changes for this semester and i HAVE to do it! : 

1) No extra times for sleep anymore.

2) Go to the library every night. or at least 4 nights a week.

3) Do not postpone the exercises given.

4) Read the textbook before and after the class.

5) Do more exercises. Finish the past years questions.

6) Do not frequently go back home.  Study at home? trust me, it's not gonna work.

7) Keep meeting your teachers if there are problems in study.

8) Behave yourself. Be a better, optimistic person.

9) Pray to Allah more and more.

10) Respect and love everybody around you in order to seek bless.

"YA, us in our study,
ease us to understand better in what we've learned and are about to learn,
give us the best result for A-LEVEL or any examination,
help us to pursue our study in UGM and ease our journey to become doctors."

-Amin, amin ya rabbal'alamin-

Thursday, October 29, 2009

French words. miss them!


yes, yes I know I've been cruel to you dear Mister Bloggie.
I've been busy recently for my AS and I forgot to feed you with my words.

btw, I dont know why, but lately, my mind keeps thinking bout french words:
fromage, pomme de terre, stylo, amies, copain, etc. etc.

It has been 2 years since the last french lesson, quite enough time to lose memory.
And I'm afraid i might forgot the grammars, pronounciation..and whatsoever related to F.R.E.N.C.H..

je pense que
je suis..

(although I always ACCIDENTALLY slept in class.:p)


c'est tout!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

when 30++ SEMASHURIANS "break+fast" at nando's


yesterday was a total fun!
the "break+fast" or in the other word 'iftar' was a blast.
credits to
azila amirah che wahab; the one who invited me to the unofficial occassion.

oh, the venue: nando's midvalley.

kind of havoc. (kind of? it's more than 'kind of')

btw, give a big clap coz semashurians managed to change the nando's into a noisy pasar malam.

haha. bravo2. kte berjaya menarik perhatian pengunjung2 lain di situ.
ni baru 30 plus, blom the whole crowd!
tpi, bising gle larhhh kat nandos's tuh. kecoh.
everyone talked. non-stop.
spilling out their hot stories; bout studies, new bf/gf and err...crush, and etc.

but i like it like that.

i miss to hear that particular noise. the noise that reminds me of SEMASHUR, the jungle-jail-like school.
yet, it is still the place where we turned from kids into great teenagers!

ok. back to the topic!

after the maghrib prayer, we ensembled back in front of nando's.

we stood there and chatted with each other and also having a few photoshoot session.

btw, rugi sangat2 coz i had no camera with me. my hp was at Ayah which is just freshly taken from a hp shop in Malacca for repairment. but today, I got my SE w705 back! yeay!

then at 9.30, the KTT crews (me, ain, bella taib, nuril and afiq) blah from that place.
we reached the nilai station at 11 something, nseb bek dh sewa kereta, so tak payah susah2 nak cari cab.
ahaaaa, credits to nuril for being unpaid driver dat nite. but nuril drive..pergh! smpi ktorg kat blakang pun cuak!

after returned the car to uncle sham, we went back to KTT. at that time, it was already the curfew hour. unexpectedly, there was a lecturer (kot) waiting at pak guard's post and as expected kitorg kne tahan and kne brainwash plak kat situ. adeh!

well, shall we call it as "a happy story with unhappy ending".

the girls.

more girls.

and, boys like girls. ahah!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

the chaotic pre-AS.


i'm tired; of answering or more specific 'menembak', 'merapu' on the KILLER pre-AS questionssss (lot of them).
my fault, of course.
I DID read all those notes given by the lecturer, the complicated textbook.
still, i became BLURRED as soon as I read the questions.
adeh, it scares me a lot.
AS is only a month+ to go.

go nabilah go!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got something on my birthday 4 years ago.


I don't know why but suddenly, while doing some revision on biology just now (pre-AS is coming!),
I remembered...

4 years ago, on 21/11/06, which was the date that i turned 15 in that year, there was a friend of mine gave me a videoclip through a social site with the message;

"...hye! s-pecialli 4 ur burpdei, here's a music video of my fav song, juz for u...
hear u me...there's a message in dat song, u noe...hope u get sense of it!..."

Because of my 'kemalasan' to wait for the videoclip to load, I didn't watch the videoclip on the spot.
i mean like "nanti2 la..."
then i replied to the sender;
'thanks:)..yeah, i got the message..'(although i did not watched it yet)

BUT! I never watched the videoclip until just now, right before i wrote this 'masterpiece'.
after 4 years..i just realised that the videoclip is about the song 'HEAR YOU ME by JIMMY EAT WORLD.
It was the song from the movie CINDERELLA STORY.
here's the lyrics;

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go.
I never said thank you for that.
I thought I might get one more chance.
What would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
So what would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
god wouldn't let it live.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.

Seriously, i felt totally bad cause the lyrics are so meaningful and seems like this song meant..err..something.
don't u think so?
dear Mr. Sender,
thank you so much.
i really2 appreciate it..
it is just that I'm too late to get sense of it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

air sejuk di bulan Ramadhan


firstly, i want to wish;


Alhamdulillah, berjaya jugak aku berpuasa pada hari ini..
another 29 days to go!

berbicara tentang puasa ni teringat plak time aku puasa kecik2 dulu.
cerita yang aku ingin ceritakan ni tajuknya


pelakon utama: ni blog aku, akula main actress..haha!
pelakon sampingan: ex-Bibik ak..

Petang itu cuaca agak panas. kehangatannya membuatkan tekak gadis kecil (aku la tu:p) itu semakin haus.
die menjadi tak keruan. berkali-kali dia ke dapur untuk memastikan line btol2 clear.
yelah, bilik bibiknya itu sungguh dekat dengan dapur.
kalau die buat buat projek yang sekian lama terancang dikepalanya itu, msti kantoi punye.

die menyapa bibiknya..

dia: bik, tgh buat ape bik?

bibik: tgh lipat kain dong. kenapa?

dia: takde sja tnye..

setelah memastikan bibiknya btol2 concentrate melipat kain2 yang baru diangkat, dia lantas melangkah ke arah peti ais.
dia cuba membuka peti ais seperlahan yang boleh, agar tiada tenaga bunyi yang dihasilkan...tapi.."kreeeekkk" bunyi jugak..kantoi!

argh, asal dah kantoi tu kantoi gakla. tanpa rasa bersalah die terus menuang air sejuk dari peti ais tu ke dalam cawan.
tak cukup dengan itu, dicampurkan pula air tersebut dengan beberapa ketul ais. biar mantap beb!

tiba2..seperti yang diduga..

bibik: waduh2, kamu mau bikin apa sama itu air peti ais?

dia: ala bik..nak kumur2 je..mulut ni kering la, tak selesa.

bibik: iyela tu, ye ke?

dia: iye...btol!

Pada pendapat pembaca, adakah si dia mmg betol kumur2 or diteguknya seluruh isi cawan itu?

agak2 nye korang tau kan ape yg berlaku.

p/s; sekarang dah insaf dah. ni time ni tgh kecik2,
tak paham dosa pahala lagi..hehe:p
selamat berpuasa!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a Vivacious Day

alohaaaa...yes2! at last dpt gak online!
ni sume sbab malas nak beli topup wifi. huuu~

oh, last monday tbe2 kelas cancelled..yeay2!
Happy Vivacious Day.
after all great pressure; study, study, study..KTT (JAP! aku study ke?)
at last, i got the chance to hav some fun, to enjoy the life as teenager.



and window shopping..haha!

i went to Alamanda with my classmates, Ana and Sakinah.
we were so eager to watch The Proposal..
best la dat movie..aku ske2!

then, we had some time to play bowling; only a game.
it has been a long time since my last game..
but then i got 119; which is shockingly great for me.
it broke the Nabilah's life-time-record. hehe!

later, it still a few hours before 'buka-puasa' time coz one of us planned to buka-puasa at Kenny Roger's.
sooooooo, ktorg pegila karaoke. we sang 6 songs only.
but then, we got sore-throat after that..

some of the list that we want to buy after i got JPA's money.

adoyai, abesla duit kami..aiyark!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

so, MID-SEM is next week!


pejam celik pejam celik..
it's almost sebulan dah aku duk kat bumi ktt yg kecik ni..
tapi, knape ek?
aku ni maaalaaasss gle nak blaja..
argh, perangai aku yg kuat tido pun still tak hilang2 lagi!
housemate aku rajin gle blaja..
aku? hampeh..
apela nak jadi ngan cik nabilah ni..adoyai!
more dramatic, next week ade mid-sem!
warghh! takotnyaaaa..

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku,
Kau jadikanlah hamba-Mu ini seorang yang rajin belajar.
Permudahkanlah aku untuk menuntut ilmu.
Kau jauhkanlah hamba-Mu ini dari godaan syaitan yang direjam.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Malaysia dan MU?

assalamualaikum x)

yeah, ape yg hot in this post?
of cozla bout the event yg aku pegi semlm..
or is it better to be written as M'sia vs MU?
kte kene mendahulukan negara kite dulu, kan? kan?

it was my first time;
- pegi Stadium Bukit Jalil.
- tgk bola dgn tiket berbayar (b4 diz tgk yg free, time drjah bpe ntah)
- tgk bola dri minit pertama hingga ke minit terakhir..hakhak!

well, frankly speaking I'M NOT INTO SOCCER..
haha..tapi tgk live ni best gak:)
jerit2 mcm org giler...
ini satu proses untuk melepaskan tension kan?
arghhh, lepas la sket pressure blaja kat ktt tuh..

siapa yg aku support?
during the game, i wore red t-shirt with black cardigan.
so, dari sudut pakaian je, nampak sgtla aku sokong MU ek?
hehe..tapi dlm hati ni aku sokong negara sendiri beb!

the result, mstila satu m'sia dah tau ek..
yg 3 tu sudah semestinya MU!
still, that's awesome bagi malaysia, takdela kalah terok, beb!

oh, itu sajala tentang bola..
walaupun tak dapat seat..and kitorang just duk kat atas lantai,
tpi view best woo..
beli ticket rm58 tpi duk kat rm68 nye area.
btw, esok malam klu tak silap ad re-match..
tapi, time tu aku dah kat KTT..

itu sajala nak tulis..

post ni aku karang 19/7/09..cume publish lmbt je..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

aku sedang belajar


tengah2 sibuk blaja pun sempat lagi on9..
remaja, ye dok?

it was the first week of lessons in KTT, tpi..
maths dh msuk chapter 4 ..
chemistry lak msuk dh msuk chapter 2, which dh blaja time spm dulu..
tpi bpe buln cuti, abes sume dah tak ingat..ayoyo!

as my fingers type these words, aku ade byk latihan maths yg nak kene wat..
tpi....still gak nak on9..
ala..kejap je..(kejapla sgt kan...)

oh, new schedule!
lagi pack sgt2 drpd kat uia dulu..
uwaaaa..skrg bru bsyukur ngan jadual kat uia..huhu~
camnila manusia, kan?

esok ari Rabu, means hari bio sedunia..muahaha!
bukan ape..esok 5 solid hours weh blaja bio..
cmne tuh, hurm..

btw, skrg aku tgh duk pening..
byk gler duit gne lately..
ye la nak beli buku sana-sini..
kat dlm purse ni tinggal 5 hinggit je beb!
nak g bank, tpi malas la plak..

c'est tout pour aujourd'hui<---not sure the spelling is correct or not..
(that's all for today)


Thursday, July 09, 2009

orientation week

at last...
bleh gak on9.
so here it is, the orientasi week again..
aku dpt group 7 which the fasilitator is my senior at SEMASHUR dulu kala..
mr F. but im sure die tak kenl ak, ak pun kenl die gitu2 je..
we never talked before..

group 7..
kind of fun, yeah! okla gak..
tpi ad sorg ni kan...argh! sesi mengumpat nak start la plak!
ok2..better stop before aku menyebabkan korg dapat dosa kan..

bout my new place..
COOL gle! ktorg dapat apartment yg ad 2 bedroom, living room, dapur, balkoni,
and of cozla toilet..
4 org satu rumah...pergh! best gle..rse mcm duk rumah bujang plak..
memang la kot..
tpi yg lebih COOL lagi, klas, kafe, lab, whatsoever facilities kat sini serius dekat gle ngan apartment..
lagi 10 min nak start kelas pun baru bgun tido..
and ktorg ari2 bleh kuar..tpi kne blik b4 midnite la..

ape lagi yg nak dicoretkan ek?
this friday, as usually we have to perform. as for our group, ktorg kne buat choral speaking which i think quite childish, still it's fun:D
tpi penatla training..
last training je ktorg blik kul 12 lebih...
tpi takpe, just for minggu orientasi baa..

the FOOD?
damn..more expensive than cfs UIA..
so, kne la kurgkan mkn..

i think dat's all la..
this is the only the beginning..
taktau lagi cmne ble dah belajar nanti kan..
harap2 jadual tak pack as in cfs dulu..

p/a: first time on9 kat ktt, beb!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

no longer a cfsiium student.


oh, ya..a week ago, aku dah meninggalkan
sebab..sebab..6 julai ni, aku akan mendaftar di
coz, insya-Allah aku akan membuat A-level di sana sbg persediaan ke negara jiran..

some people asked me with the kind of annoying tone;

''nape nak g sana, malaysia kan better..''
''aku tak paham la, nape ko nak gi indon huh?"

plus, some of them made their shocking expressions such dat they were shocked with my stupidity to pursue my studies in indonesia, leaving the seat dat i already got in cfsIIUM.

walaupun pada mulanya, ble org tanya ''ko dpt mane meh?"..
aku malu nak jawab..tpi lama2 tuh, aku dh okey la..bangga la gak dpt indon.
some people wud die utk dptkan scholarship, so why shud i be ashamed?
tpi bile orang memberikan reaksi seperti dinyatakan di atas;

surely, i felt insulted dengan reaksi kelompok ini.
oh, mmg la, aku dpt g indon je.
korg dpt gi mane. US. AUS. UK. IRE.
and mane2 jela yg standardnya jauh lebih baik dari negara yg telah jpa tawarkan kat aku.
still, it's a scholarship,okay..Alhamdulillah.

bukannye aku desperate sgt nak study kat overseas..mahupun over-the-sea.
yang aku kejarkan biasiswa.
apsal? korg yg banyak komen ni nak bayarkan ke study aku?
plus, indonesia ade jugak universiti yang bagus okeyhhh.
gi la usha ranking universiti.

ape2 hal pun, sethn buat a-level kat KTT, aku harap aku akan dapat melayakkan diri ke sana,
ke universiti yang bagus di indonesia.
tak kisahla blaja kat mane pun, asal aku blaja elok2..and berjaya dptkan ape yg aku nak.

not to be forgotten, thanks to orang2 yang support keputusan aku ini..
parents, siblings, some of frens, teacher.

wish me luck, ok!

p/s; maaf andai ade yg terasa. tpi ini luahan perasaan je..hehe:)

kawan2 di cfsIIUM,
rindu korang!
rindu chickenchop murh!
rindu naik lif kat KC!
abang technician yg hensem..!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

jadual yg pack!

tu diaaa...
my new timetable..pack dowh..
tak aci!
apsal bear nye tak pack?
roomies ak pun tak pack<---depa takde class on friday woo..masyuk gle!

sekian sahaja utk segmen tak puas hati..

p/s: biru tu maths, kuning tu english, pink tu bio, oren tu arab..adoyai!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

gadis litar


hehe..suspens tak tjuk post kali ni?
spe gadis litar? mane dia?
die seksi ke? hot?
haha..sabar2..klu nk tau keep reading..

btw, last saturday (060609),
aku, adik-bradik aku, abg frhan and aida gi la kat litar sepang..
for the first time..ak tgk race..haha!
race ape?

haha..ade sorg kwn kakak ak msuk race tuh..
tu yg ktorg g sana tuh..
she is in the only woman team..sponsored by redbull, if im not mistaken..
btw, it was a blast at first..
yela..tgk kete biase tpi ble dh paint plus modified, bunyik kuat..pergh!!
kooooolll glerr...!

the superb cars were menarik...
sambil2 cuci mata tgk kete tuh..hehe, usha la gak gadis2 litar yg hot ke?
ktorg lagi hot beb!<----perasan!
haha..ak ngan aida berangan..klu la ktorg jdi gadis litar..yg islamic la..
wakaka! ok tak?

mule2 tu best la tgk kete2 tu strt lumba..
tpi dh lame tu ngantok la plak..
ye la duk tgk kete2 tuh berulang2 lalu kat depan korg..tak ke ngantok?
hoho..dhla dri kul 12pm smpi tak?
then, sempat la plak pas smbhyg zohor tuh..ak ngan aida tdo jap dlm surau..
siap ade air-cond tuh..masyuk gle..

oh, ya not to be forgotten..
our lunch dat day was burger ayam special mahal..
logik tak burger ayam special yg biasa tuh RM5 satu..
ekeleh...bukannye sedap mana pun..dh la sos sket..jahat3!!

about 4, ktorg pun blik la umah..
smpi kat umah..dlm kul 6++ cmtuh
"aduhai lapaq lapaq..."
...perut ak mule bermonolog..
ape lgi..misi mncari mknan bermula..
nseb bek ade gerai jual nsi lemak kat area umah ak tuh..
ak yg dh kangen bangat (rindu sgt) nk bwk kete ni gi la kuar ngan aida..
eleh..takde la jauh sgt pun..jln kaki pun bleh..tpi tak mo! nk drive gak!:p
bestnye bwk kete..rse cm dh pro lak..haha!

mlm tu , pas mghrib ktorg gi sepang circuit blik..
time ktorg smpi tuh, dorg lom abes race lagi..
mak aih tak penat ke..
9 hours; 182 laps; 1000km..
ni jarak ulang-alik dri johor ke perlis..haha!

lagi beberapa minit kul 9 bru race tuh abes..
pemenangnya adalah: CAR NO 21!!!
oops, sori..driver die ak tak kenal..hoho!

pic hot cars!

video race time siang

p/s: best la:D! at least ad gak experience tgk race..yeay!

Monday, June 01, 2009

gaya hidup baru

assalamualaikum wbt:)

ya ini dia...sekarang aku dh ada gelaran baru.

a week ago, aku telah selamat digelar sebagai student of cfsiium.

alhamdulillah. walaupun, pada awalnya ramai yang expect aku dpt gi oversea. tapi, NOPE..
a jpa scholar for local pun dh kire bgus bagi aku.
cume aku tension btol, apsal surt tak dapat lagi...adeh!
susah la nak merancang perbelanjaan cmni. hehe!

btw, baru aku sedar dat life in a foundation centre is totally different from school life!

indipendence is compulsory.
kalu dulu, time zaman2 skola..klu ade ape2 aktiviti or klas tambahn ke, msti ade announcement.

tpi skg ni, we all kene jln gi department masing2 (dhla jauh!), and baca segala mende kat notice board tuh.
klu tak, mmg ketinggalan la. nak harapkan kwn, bukannya semua org sama jadualnya.
eventhough we are in the same course.
oh, yeah. last week is the ta'aruf week (minggu orientasi). Alhamdulillah, orientasi takde la dahsyat2 sgt.
cuma, takde outdoor activity at, i can's bored. tpi okla...
lepak je, takde kalut2, jadual pun tak pack. tu yang pling penting:D

pictures at cfsiium field:

with old frens with new frens

ape lagi ek?..haaa..english placement test (EPT) and arabic placement test(APT).
during the ta'aruf week, the EPT and APT were held. EPT is important dat the result will determine how long will us be in this foundation centre.
Alhamdulillah, i got level 6 which makes me gonna stay here for only a year.
tpi kan, ade org ckp klu science stream kene 2 thun gak.
this make me totally puzzled.
takpela, tunggu je schedule kluar..

so, i think dat's all for today's post. btw, i hope and i wish dat i am able to be the top 100 to get into Kuliyyah of Medicine in the main campus, KUANTAN..amin:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

kisah pak guard


pak guard?
well, yup..
ini kisah pak guard yg jaga kat seblah umah aku.
it was about 8 o'clock in the morning.
and slalunye aku ske usha pak guard..haha. takde keje kan.
weyh, dun get me wrong!
aku usha ada motif okeyhhh..

1) nk tgk pak guard ade ke tak..klu takde, tak payah pki tudg nak gi sidai kain.
2) kot2la ad pak guard yg hensem..rezeki tuuuuu!
3) nak tgk pak guard tu watpe..<---sibuk je, kan?

usha punye usha..tbe2 aku tgk pak guard tu sedap je tdo..
aik, bru msuk keje dh tdo dh?
tak bleh jadi ni!
so, me and my sis got a plan!

D: B, gi amek wisel dlm bilik kak nurul tuh..ngahaha!
B: wokeyh.

so, ape lgi..aku pun tiup ar.

first blow; nothing..
2nd blow; tak bgun2 jugak!
3rd blow (even longer); still..ZzZzzz

D: mak aih..tdo mati ni!
B: adik pun rase camtu..tiup lagi..haha!

last blow (longer, longer); baru die bgun..haha!

seriously, die cam bingung..
he looked around and mybe searched for the source of the wisel blow..
after a few times he turned left and right..
then...then...DIA TIDUR BALIk!

"mission incomplete"

Thursday, May 07, 2009

next chapter: UIAM

asasi perubatan

secondly, YESZZA!
yup, UIAM is gonna be my next place to gain knowlegde..
here is the anak tangga skola2 aku terdahulu;

tadika sri ayu,
sk tmn sri gombak,
sk kelibang,
sk pekan 1,

hoho, tmpat blaja baru dgn cabaran yg baru. which i believe,
the bigger the challenges gonna be.
apa2 pun, yg penting aku bleh adapt dgn bidang yang aku pilih ni.

oh, ya..dri sumber2 yg boleh dipercayai, awl2 lagi nti ada
test bi and test arab utk menetapkan tahap student. oh nooo..!

test bi= cuak
test arab= cuak.cuak.cuak.SUPER-DUPER CUAK!

ler..dahla aku ni totally ZERO wif ARAB..hoho.
ape nk jadi, jadi la..

mood: hepi coz bleh jmpe kwn2..yeay!
unhappy coz kene tdo awl, bgun awl, iron bju, assignment, blaja blik. adesh!

Monday, May 04, 2009

graduation day..

assalamualaikum dear readers:),

like i said in previous post, i want to write bout convo ryte?
eh, apsal tbe2 speaking-meaking niyh?
hoho, ok ar..aku tak nak la cam skema sgt tulis blog niyh..nnti cam bosan lak korg nak bace..
(eh2, apasal aku cam prasan je ade org nak bce blog niyh..hahaha)

btw, aku nak mule bercerita nih.
oh ya, tarikh penting is 25/4/09.
tpi all ex-semashurian shud daftar on 24/4/09 which was after school hour;
i think sbb supaya ktorg tak amek perhatian student2 semashur yg akan sebuk tgk tingkap each time ade kete masuk compound semashur..eventhough cikgu tgh mengajar kat depan.
plus, klu xde cikgu kat kelas pun, junior2 yg begitu menyayangi
ex-senior mereka ni akan berlari-lari anak nak gi salam, peluk cium..
(aku tak ckp aku) haha!

perjalanan aku.
from sabak brnam, aku naik bus ngan athiah smpila kat puduraya.
oh tidak, aku BENCI puduraya! why?
coz ade promoter amende ntah telah membuatkan duit aku rm40 (big amount for jobless person)..arghh!
then ktorg singgah kl sentral jap. lepak2. then, tros gi SEMASHUR, sayang kamu muahx2!
oh ya, thanx to bella bobs' parents for the transport (ktm btg kali-SEMASHUR)

oh (again), dat nite supposed to be havoc! tpi tbe2 perut aku g wat masalah.
sakit tak pasal2.
so i slept earlier dat nite, pas blik rehearsel. lepak2 jap. then tros tido.
the DAY! bgun2 je aku menggelbah coz bju x GOSOK lgi!!
dat morning, sumer org look GORGEOUS!
sume mke lah, mana taknye..
dialog pagi itu:

org 1: weh spe ade foundation? compact powder?
org 2: a'ahla..spe ade ek? lipstick? celak?
org 3: korg jgn risau..aku ade..
org 4: (tbe2) weh aku nak gak!


pgi itu kami mkn nasi lemak. fav food kat skola tuhhh. mkn2. pki jubah. photoshoot jap. beratur. ceremony started. aku nek pentas which was student pling last utk f5 yg nek pentas. ceremony ended. another photoshoot. mkn kat dm. blik. ( mls nak cter detail, haha)

special thanks:)

to ayah and ibu; thanks for coming and the teddy bear:D

to jihah jainis; thnks for the HELLO KITTY:)

to cikgu2; thanks for everything:]

to kwn2; thanks for making my life merrier:p

dh jmpe kwn2 pun aku rse masih x cukup lagi. nak jmpe lagi!

gmbar2 muke berseri

Thursday, April 30, 2009

ini namanya JEALOUSY..[part 2]

okie dokie, i bet nikki can't wait nk tau confession aku..
padahl xde pape pun..

mu jange jeles kawe duk seblah 'toott'..

kawe tak cakap ape2 pun ngan die..
die lagila..pandang kawe pun duk eh.
plus, nik..u shudn't be jeles coz..
u and him dh BROKE UP!.. in ur blog..

btw, it was frustrating a bit when besoknye kedudukan ktorg sumer berterabur abes..
tbe2 la plak x cukup kerusi..adeh!
last2, nik bleh la tarik nafas lega coz im not sitting beside him..haha!

c'est tout..

next post, about convo:D

oh ya, ni la nik aqilah yg disebut2 tuh..haha:D

p/s: nik u look kurus la!

Friday, April 24, 2009

ini namanya JEALOUSY..

by the time i wrote this post, aku sangat2 excited! Why?
Here i am, in Titiwangsa Hall..wif kwn2 lama. Best sgt ble dpt jmpe dorg sume. Ad yg ckp aku makin tggi, also ad yg ckp aku mkin lebar? WHAT??
(Eceh, bwat2 tkejut plak pdhal, aku mmg dh tau pun..hehe)
Plus, aku tgh duduk sebelah nik's biggest crush! N0t to be menti0ned 'the name' here..BAHAYA! Paham2 je la sape..hahaha! Ape, xpaham lg? (do ask me privately, ok:p)
Btw, aku ad confession utk nikkie!

(to be continued..)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

coming soon

hello mello, u guys:D..
ahah, today i woke up kinda early. and, lpas subuh takda tido2 ni. haha!
mlm tdi tdur pun takda la lmbt sgt. kul 12 lebeyh kot.
btw, i watched a movie kat channel star movie (413). pasal zombie2 la. shud be, it was a cite seram. but klakar gle...dhla ade part yg hilang filem, heroin tempang lak tuh. wakaka!
gelak tak abes2 smpi kene sound ngan kak nurul yg tgh gayut tuh. haha~

oh, ya..last saturday nite, aku g datarn pahalwan. best woo..well, i went there wif kak nurul, abg paan and dedek. konon2 nk tgk 'jangan tegur'. tpi lmbt sgtla. kl 12.20 bru start. so kitorg pun gi la beli tiket cte "COMING SOON"..cte hantu thailand..weeee~
it was 10 sumthing p.m at dat time, so ktorg g mkn2 dulu, men game jap, and amek2 gmbr..haha!

COMING SOON- ok cte ni cuak dowh. sound effect die lgi la menmbhkan ke'cuak'an, it was a story mcm hantu tu kuar dri wyg, gle kan..and, the ghost akn gonna kill spe2 yg tgk cte tuh. yg tak bestnye, ending die hero+heroin die mati laa..haish! overall, aku kasik 4 bintg dri 5..okla tuh kan:D

Friday, April 10, 2009

zuhaira oh zuhaira..

lately aku slalu terpikirkan kawan aku..
her name zuhaira. alahai, nak letak pic dia pun rak boleh sbb sumer pic kwn2 aku dh ilang!

btw, i wish u will read this a.s.a.p..
but aku tau impossible sgt dia nk baca blog aku ni, sbb dia tak tau aku dh ada blog..hurm:-?

dear zuhaira,
please call me a.s.a.p..
sgt2 risau bout u..
nk tau what are you up to rite now..
how's ur life?
did u get any job?
do u have enough money?
where are you know?
ganu or gombak?
dh apply upu?
pegi konvo tak?

kte slalu igt kamu zuhaira. kte tak dpt bayangkan klu kte jadi kamu. i mean, losing parents time kecik2.
membayangkan nseb kmu, mcm nk nangis..

yes, kte duk umah sorg,
time siang je coz parents keje.
kamu tinggal sorg,
day and nite..coz the only abg kmu ntah ke mana ntah..
kte tak masak,
and, my mum wud call and ask "adik nk mkn ape ari ni?"..
hari ni kmu tak makan,
takda sape nk tnye "zuhaira dah mkn?"..

so, sumtimes think bout zuhaira, bru aku sedar betapa hepinye hidup aku..
alhamdulillah..ya Allah..thnks 4 evrything!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

free Wi-fi

Okey..just nak kecoh sket. Haha! Rite now(masa aku tulis post ni), aku tgh duk tggu makanan kat restoran d'henti batu 8, somewhere in perak. Btw, best gle sbb ad free wi-fi, so bleh la ak gedik nak try connect using my new hp..luckily, it WORKS! Hehe! Tu yang saja2 nak tulis blog..ngee!
Ok, the food is here! got to go! Bye2!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

murah rezeki..

ok-ok. aku tau aku dh buat salah. again, it's been a long time since the last post. oh, since result spm kuar tuh..alamak! from march 12 until this day, banyak perkara dah berlaku.

hari yg cuak bgi spm 08 candidates, termsuklah aku! I was on my way to school, ble tibe2 nisa, org pertama yg menyampaikan berita gmbira kat aku pd ari itu.

(mesej msuk)
nisa: Tahniah. Kamu straight A1.

Yup, memg ringkas dan pendek tetapi padat yang amat. Smpi tbe2 aku rse nak nangis walaupun terasa macam si nisa ni duk main2. Utk kepastian, aku pun tepon si nisa ni.

"btol, kmu straight a1. name kmu ade dlm list!

Ya Allah..syukur alhamdulillah. mmg aku tak sangka btol. padahal, aku target 6-9 a jer.
p/s: oh, ya..quote terbyk dri kwn2 aku time ari tu.

1) congrats/tahniah/alhamdulillah

2) gle xsangke woo bella dpt straight a1
3) dhla ko kuat tdo, bella..


'program pendedahan kerjaya doktor'. Fortunately, aku dh terpilih. Tpi ade ke ptut aku g mntk buat kat hospital melaka..aduyai! so..ak pun pegila duduk ngan ayah kat melaka tuh.
ape2 pun yg bestnya time ari first tuh, ade driver ofis ayah aku yg antar g hospital. bukan ape..ayah tak tau lagi selok-belok kat melaka ni. pergh, ade class gtu..wakaka! tpi secara overall program! emergency room, opertaion theatre, wad, bilik mayat..awesome!

cme ade la jugak cacat-celanya plus kurg didedahkan sgt. ape2 pun, i made new frens. "syuhada and shaheera"..nice+easygoing+lepak..siyes, nk jmpe korg lagi!

yeah..jalan2 kat melaka ngan ibu and ayah. ktorg naik beca, lawat itu ini. mkn cendol. etc etc.
seriously nk bwk kwn2 aku g cni..mari2 melawat melaka! i'll be the tour guider! ngge:D
Oh..and then, we went to jaya jusco. mkn2 and buy a new HANDPHONE for me..THANKS A LOT!

it's SE W705

Aaaaaa..interview jpa..oh tidak! all dat i can say is..i stuttered a lot..skrg ni tunggu keputusan je la..gagap sane, gagap sini. hurm, hanya Allah saje yg tau..ya Allah, murhkanla rezeki kami...amin!

APRIL FOOL? nope..this time, it's real! i got my own laptop! yeah!'s HP-branded laptop, mini and not that expensive. okeyla utk umur cam aku ni. lepas ni bleh la download sana sni.. maklumlah, hardisk laptop ayah yg ade sume stuff aku rosak. so, semua gmbr2 kwn2, lagu2 best, series yg aku dh dowbload sumenye hilang...uwaa! lpas ni kene la buat back-up. huhu~

fuhh...penat tuh nk type..bukan ape dh lame tak tulis blog, so tak tau dh cmne nk susun ayat..mybe cm skema sket kot..
apa2 hal..aku bersyukur sgt for evertything..ALHAMDULILLAH!

p/s: forgot to be mentioned, AKU DAH ADE LESEN P!! haha!