Thursday, December 30, 2010


assalamualaikum w.b.t

did i tell you how muchhh i was craving for a plate of steak?
oh yes i did, in the previous post..hee:D
Yesterday, I went to the same Waroeng Steak and Shake again, for the second attempt as the first one already failed.
Alhamdulillah my wish to have a 'steaky' lunch was fulfilled as when I reached the restaurant, I can see the 
door was wide opened with so many customers in there. phewwww!
so we (sakiinah and I) walked in, looking at the menu and didn't know what to choose.
it seemed that we want to try all of the dishes as everything seemed tastyyyy except for the dish called 'ribs eye steak'.
what's that? the ribs and the eye? errr..
after taking a pretty long time to think, i decided to have a blackpepper steak and strawberry milkshake. and this was how
the steak looked like;


ermmm, what can i say about the steak; it was so deliciious. the meat was so tender, the steak sauce was marvelous as we left the plate so clean and the milkshake was awesome. and you know what makes it more AWESOME? the price!
the blackpepper steak was Rp13000 plus Rp5500 for the milkshake. so, the total is Rp18500 which when converted to RM equals to
jeng jeng jeng app. RM6.60..shocked?:D
so, are you amazed? well, if you do, come to Jogja sometimes. i'll totally take you there!

p/s: i wasn't paid by Waroeng Steak and Shake to make such promotion. it was sincerely, by a food lover! ahaks:P

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

from a food craver's heart

assalamualaikum w.b.t

hey, are you craving for some, certain food right now?

like this?

or maybe this?

tell you what, i do, BADLY!

i had cake last week when my friends an I celebrated Ann's birthday. the cake was okaylaahh..
oh ya, that night, I also had blueberry cheese wafer, coconut yoghurt which taste like uhh coconut shake, ayam pindang which is a bit like asam pedas but less 'kaw',
mixed vege. ohhhh, awesome!

btw, i'm craving for any Secret Recipe cakes or anything similar like the blueberry cheese cake or chocolate indulgence. yummmeh!
plus, i'd like to have steak. this afternoon, directly after class, i cycled to the nearest Waroeng Steak and Shake, hoping to have a steaky lunch with maybe some juice.
but, my hope was totally crashed as i reached the not-so-near reastaurant, it wasn't opened yet! so saddddd that i almost cry, oh, i did cry....internally.T_T
then, i had the regular lunch i always had; nasi padang+lele.
and for dinner, i had plain rice+fried egg+kicap.
bored huh? still, itu adalah rezeki juga right? alhamdulillah..kenyang:D

btw, when you look at the pictures above, do you feel your mouth a bit watery? if you do, that's because when you smell, look, or even thinking of food, it will stimulate more saliva secretion. FACT!

p/s: I think this post is kind of pointless. don't you think so? heeee:D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

uncomfortable and distracted.


morning people. it's Sunday and i love-hate it.
although Sunday is like a big holiday for the week but then, it's the sign that Monday's coming.
it means that block 1.3 is gonna start real soon. *haihhhh*

So, here i am, being a bit enthusiastic of updating my blog. thanks to baby, who kept saying "you, bile nak update blog?" teeeheeee:D

so, what's up with the title up there?
Okay, yesterday i went to the volleyball practice. not really a practice because it seemed like we were playing just for fun. volleyball, for this moment is my passion other than swimming. volleyball is what i really want to get involved seriously and i'm looking forward to join the volleyball team for Bandung Games again next year. i wish i could. amin:)
but then, there's something or specifically someone that made me uncomfortable and distracted when we were playing volleyball. i wasn't thought that this person would come and play along. although, this person always did join us in the previous practice, but i don't want this person to be there. oh, seriously, i hate it. i hate the situation so much that i feel like calling taxi at the moment i saw this person arrived. i hate it so much that i really wanted to get out of the court asap. but that's gonna be really obvious right? bad idea!

Actually, i don't really hate this person. no, not at all. (as mentioned above, i only hate the situation) it's just that seeing and facing this person made me guilty. like i'm the convicted one. i don't know why, but i think i have treated this person badly and of course i feel bad about it. maybe this person would not feel anything about what happened but i can't. i just can't get it out of my mind. i hate it when i did something bad at people and i have to face that people again. i feel like i owe an apology. but should I say sorry?  err...
well, there will be another practice on every Saturday. seriously i want to come and play, but thinking of i'm gonna face this person again really made me thinking of quitting..quitting volleyball? should i quit?

but hell no! this is my passion, and this is what i want. so, i will never let this person kill it. maybe i just have to find a way on how to deal with it. concentrate, girl!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

some things are worth the risk.


hey, hey..i just came back from watching TRON: Legacy..

well, you know what, i have never knew the existence of any tron-ic cartoon, tron-ic previous movie etc etc..suppose, this is the first time i watch a TRON-ic movie.. (sounds a bit lame huh? who cares)
overall, the movie wasn't that ummmph! because the  story line was too simple. and i think it was pretty slow. but the graphic was like WOOOW! so nice if watch it 3D. btw, there's a quote from that movie that i'm kind of liking it, and if i'm not mistaken i heard it like this;

"some things are worth the risk"
(kevin flynn said to sam flynn)

I don't know why, but this line makes me think that do we know what things are really worth the risk? and what if the things that we thought would worth it, but apparently they're not? aren't we going to be sorry for that? aren't we going to wish upon the stars so that we can turn back the times?
i guess, there are always risks in everything we do like uhhh;

1)EATING-the risk of getting food-poisoning.
2)FALLING IN LOVE- the risk of getting a heartbroken.
3)TAKING MED.-the risk of couldn't get along with it.
4)TRUSTING-the risk of being betrayed.
5)MAKING DECISION-the risk of making wrong choice.

generally, the are bunches of people out there (maybe i'm included) that would not dare to do some things because they don't want to take the risks. but, on a second thought, we don't always know what would happen if we don't do it. I mean, as it is termed as RISK; which it might or might not happen, at some time it would be a big loss if we don't try it. "belum cuba belum tahu" rite? instead of the risks that we afraid of, better things can happen too. for example, based on the previous example;

1)EATING-the food is really tasty+save to eat.
2)FALLING IN LOVE-the person might be our "teman sehidup semati"
3)TAKING MED.-we could be the best doctor and contribute a lot to people.
4)TRUSTING-might find the one who we can always rely on, ask for help.
5)MAKING DECISION-the choice we've made is the correct one.

see? whatever it is, life is not always as shine and bright as a sunny day. sometimes it rains. but then, Allah gives us rainbow after the rain. always believe that whatever happens, there must be the hikmah (goodness) that we could feel it directly or indirectly.:D