Thursday, December 30, 2010


assalamualaikum w.b.t

did i tell you how muchhh i was craving for a plate of steak?
oh yes i did, in the previous post..hee:D
Yesterday, I went to the same Waroeng Steak and Shake again, for the second attempt as the first one already failed.
Alhamdulillah my wish to have a 'steaky' lunch was fulfilled as when I reached the restaurant, I can see the 
door was wide opened with so many customers in there. phewwww!
so we (sakiinah and I) walked in, looking at the menu and didn't know what to choose.
it seemed that we want to try all of the dishes as everything seemed tastyyyy except for the dish called 'ribs eye steak'.
what's that? the ribs and the eye? errr..
after taking a pretty long time to think, i decided to have a blackpepper steak and strawberry milkshake. and this was how
the steak looked like;


ermmm, what can i say about the steak; it was so deliciious. the meat was so tender, the steak sauce was marvelous as we left the plate so clean and the milkshake was awesome. and you know what makes it more AWESOME? the price!
the blackpepper steak was Rp13000 plus Rp5500 for the milkshake. so, the total is Rp18500 which when converted to RM equals to
jeng jeng jeng app. RM6.60..shocked?:D
so, are you amazed? well, if you do, come to Jogja sometimes. i'll totally take you there!

p/s: i wasn't paid by Waroeng Steak and Shake to make such promotion. it was sincerely, by a food lover! ahaks:P

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