Wednesday, July 13, 2011

getting fixed.

oh my...what a bad blogger i am. the last post i wrote was like months ago. laaa..takda masa, busy kot <----in denial. muahaha!

btw, lots of things happened around me, seriously.
like LOTS!
but then, it is impossible for me to jog all of them down here because 'literally' i have only 10 mins to finish this post.

You know, being a medical student is scary.  You learn about what's normal and what are abnormalities that could possibly happen to your own body and that's exactly where things become creepier.
When you find something strange on the surface of your body, you might be freaking out and will get it fixed ASAP. You will be making phone calls, calling seniors, ask this and that. But. hey the seniors will tell you 'Rilekla, ni urticaria je few hours nanti hilang. no worries la' *urticaria=hives, or more commonly known as gegata.

Okay, the point here is, i'd like to relate it with 'tak kenal maka tak cinta'. you see, when i used to be not knowing deeper about my body, i was like tak kisah sangat with whatsoever happened with it. ignorance maybe the perfect word. but when i knew more and more about my body plus the functions, i was like okayyy... i have to make sure try as hard as i can to make it at optimal level of simple words: 

kenal dan cinta badan anda selalu, ok!

 p/s: saya nak jadi doctor yang hot, bleh? :P

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