Friday, January 20, 2012

the Game.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This week was really a hectic week. Lots of reports to be done, lots of tiny-circular cells to be drawn ( okay, I am talking about Pathology Anatomy ), two discussion to be made; acute appendicitis + leukemia, workplans, tests and quiz. And most of them were to be submitted on the same day. Well done, i was a robot on last Tuesday, added with some unstable emotions.

So, last night I went out with the girls from my Bulatan Gembira, Faramie and Linda, took a little time to get this head some rest form keep blending the assignments whatsoever. Well, actually this hangout was planned since last block, but we were too busy that we could only have it yesterday.

What I could say about the hang out, Alhamdulillah, it was AWESOME or maybe OSEM! Seriously, I've never had an outing like what i had yesterday. it not just an outing. it was more than that.

okay, lemme tell you what did we do during the hang out.

It was approximately at 5pm when we (Linda and me) left house went to Falah to fetch Faramie as her Lemonade ( her scooter got name..hoho) was sick. Then we straightly go to Amplaz, arrived there at about 30-40 minutes later. So, the plan was, we would buy presents for each other and give them during the makan-makan. So we splitted up, making our own directions to buy presents. So, i went to my favourite spot, which is Carrefour, to be specific at the area of plates and cups. but, naah..none of them caught my eyes. but what was actually caught my eyes is Linda! Oh my. kantoi habiss..uwaaa! we looked at each other, laughing out loud..

me: kak linda, nape kak linda kat sini? uwaa..kantoi laa.
Linda : abel!

Out of many shops, it was so funny that we were in Carrefour, and was at the same area and at the SAME TIME! Then we splitted again. I got some cute gifts for them, Hello Kitty keychains and adorable feathered pens. At about 6.15, we met. It was only me that already had presents for them. but Faramie and Linda came with empty hands. They were so blank, don't know what to buy within a short time. So, we went to perform our Maghrib prayer.

After that, the searching game started again, so I took a walk to add on a few things for them. Again, I went to Carrefour, with the intention to go to the same area just now. there, I saw a familiar headscarf, was Linda AGAIN! *buat-buat tak nampak*

I went to the different area, area of towels and what made me excited was, I could write name on the towels for a reasonable price. so, i bought three face towels, ask the workers to write our names on the towel. ( it wasn't written actually, it was like sulam. here it is called bordir)

Then, as we promised, we met at Solaria. Faramie was already there, reciting Quran. Then, after Linda arrived, we start our makan2. While waiting for the food to come, we recite surah Az-Zumar 39 : 6-10. Then, did some tadabbur, sharings, qardhoya (curahan hati). The food came. After we ate, we started to change presents. I got a nice heat-proof glass baking dish from Linda and a multipurpose fexible Rose from Faramie. Jazakumullah Khair sisters! *i hope they like my gifts too*
Then at about 9am we went back home. Happy!

my presents;
the rose from Faramie
the dish form Linda
The towel from Me.

oh please, I want to do it more!

Disunahkan seorang muslim memberikan hadiah kepada saudaranya, berdasarkan hadis bahawa Rasulullah saw bersabda:
 «وَتَهَادُوْا تَحَابُّوْا»

Kalian harus saling memberi hadiah, maka kalian akan saling mencintai. (HR. Bukhari).