Wednesday, November 02, 2011

midnite date with Allah.

Assalamualaikum wbt..

1) have you ever heard about qiyamullail (prayers at nite)? if you did, that's good!
2) have you ever practice it, once at least? if you did,'s great!

3) do you istiqamah (consistent) in performing it? if you DO, then..alhamdulillah, you're just awesome. :)

3 little questions, and what are our answers for them?

let me give a brief definition of qiyamullail. although i know, we all had learned about it in school back then.
qiyamullail comes from qiyam; wake up for a while and lail; night.
so, the combinations bring the meanings spend a part of the night with ibadat like solat or others.

there are lots of benefits in performing qiyamullail. some of them are stated in this hadith;

He (SAW) said :“You should pray Qiyaam al-Layl, for it is the habit of the righteous people who came before you, and it will bring you closer to your Lord, expiate for bad deeds, prevent sin, and expel disease from the body.”[at-Tirmidhee and Musnad Ahmad]

What do you feel when performing qiyamullail?
taken from someone's answer;

"based on my not-too-much-experience, when i woke up at the night, i could feel the calmness, the tranquility, and i feel so tiny as a God's creation, i feel the loneliness as if i don't have anyone around but Allah.
it's just the feeling that you want to focus on your ibadah, to confess everything to Allah, to ask anything from Allah, to reminisce every mistakes you've done and the feeling that you want to ask forgiveness from Allah.
it's just the right time that you could pour all of of your tears to wet your prayer mat.
it's just the time that you want to get closer to Allah. 
it's just the midnite date of you and your Creator"

waaah, jom same-same cari feeling tuh..:)

lately, i don't know why, but this body feels too weak to wake up at night and selalu sangat tak dengar alarm. nabilah, semangat!