Sunday, September 13, 2009

when 30++ SEMASHURIANS "break+fast" at nando's


yesterday was a total fun!
the "break+fast" or in the other word 'iftar' was a blast.
credits to
azila amirah che wahab; the one who invited me to the unofficial occassion.

oh, the venue: nando's midvalley.

kind of havoc. (kind of? it's more than 'kind of')

btw, give a big clap coz semashurians managed to change the nando's into a noisy pasar malam.

haha. bravo2. kte berjaya menarik perhatian pengunjung2 lain di situ.
ni baru 30 plus, blom the whole crowd!
tpi, bising gle larhhh kat nandos's tuh. kecoh.
everyone talked. non-stop.
spilling out their hot stories; bout studies, new bf/gf and err...crush, and etc.

but i like it like that.

i miss to hear that particular noise. the noise that reminds me of SEMASHUR, the jungle-jail-like school.
yet, it is still the place where we turned from kids into great teenagers!

ok. back to the topic!

after the maghrib prayer, we ensembled back in front of nando's.

we stood there and chatted with each other and also having a few photoshoot session.

btw, rugi sangat2 coz i had no camera with me. my hp was at Ayah which is just freshly taken from a hp shop in Malacca for repairment. but today, I got my SE w705 back! yeay!

then at 9.30, the KTT crews (me, ain, bella taib, nuril and afiq) blah from that place.
we reached the nilai station at 11 something, nseb bek dh sewa kereta, so tak payah susah2 nak cari cab.
ahaaaa, credits to nuril for being unpaid driver dat nite. but nuril drive..pergh! smpi ktorg kat blakang pun cuak!

after returned the car to uncle sham, we went back to KTT. at that time, it was already the curfew hour. unexpectedly, there was a lecturer (kot) waiting at pak guard's post and as expected kitorg kne tahan and kne brainwash plak kat situ. adeh!

well, shall we call it as "a happy story with unhappy ending".

the girls.

more girls.

and, boys like girls. ahah!

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