Friday, December 04, 2009

it's too late to regret.


AS ended 2 weeks ago, which was a day before my 18th birthday. 
It is such a relief at first. But as days passed, i'm starting to freak out about the outcoming result.
3 strong A's of course will always be my target. however, my head keeps saying it's impossible.(please be possible!) My perfomance during the exam was terrible, really was! It was such the biggest disaster ever happened to me and I admit that I gave the worst answers on those papers. I feel insecure about the result, i really am! And seriously, I AM SCARED. please time, do stop! I don't want to meet with MISS FEBRUARY 2010 which will show me the white paper with grades on it. Oh no, not yet!

I just realised that there's no way to turn back. I wish time machine is right next to me so that I can go back to June 09 and start all over again. But, it won't happen.

it's too late to regret, isn't it?

Now, the second semester has just started. I must be more serious than the previous semester as I'm gonna sit for A2 in May/June 2010, which is the duration is not enough for me. Plus, I was told that the subjects are getting complicated to be understood and so are the questions, getting harder. Not to be forgotten, I also will be sitting for Entrance Exam and IELTS around March-April.

So, I'm making a list of changes for this semester and i HAVE to do it! : 

1) No extra times for sleep anymore.

2) Go to the library every night. or at least 4 nights a week.

3) Do not postpone the exercises given.

4) Read the textbook before and after the class.

5) Do more exercises. Finish the past years questions.

6) Do not frequently go back home.  Study at home? trust me, it's not gonna work.

7) Keep meeting your teachers if there are problems in study.

8) Behave yourself. Be a better, optimistic person.

9) Pray to Allah more and more.

10) Respect and love everybody around you in order to seek bless.

"YA, us in our study,
ease us to understand better in what we've learned and are about to learn,
give us the best result for A-LEVEL or any examination,
help us to pursue our study in UGM and ease our journey to become doctors."

-Amin, amin ya rabbal'alamin-


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