Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a Vivacious Day

alohaaaa...yes2! at last dpt gak online!
ni sume sbab malas nak beli topup wifi. huuu~

oh, last monday tbe2 kelas cancelled..yeay2!
Happy Vivacious Day.
after all great pressure; study, study, study..KTT (JAP! aku study ke?)
at last, i got the chance to hav some fun, to enjoy the life as teenager.



and window shopping..haha!

i went to Alamanda with my classmates, Ana and Sakinah.
we were so eager to watch The Proposal..
best la dat movie..aku ske2!

then, we had some time to play bowling; only a game.
it has been a long time since my last game..
but then i got 119; which is shockingly great for me.
it broke the Nabilah's life-time-record. hehe!

later, it still a few hours before 'buka-puasa' time coz one of us planned to buka-puasa at Kenny Roger's.
sooooooo, ktorg pegila karaoke. we sang 6 songs only.
but then, we got sore-throat after that..

some of the list that we want to buy after i got JPA's money.

adoyai, abesla duit kami..aiyark!

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  1. lepak2. juz enjoy je pastu baru kite regret same2 :)