Wednesday, October 10, 2012

some miscellaneous things.

Okay today I feel like talking about some miscellaneous things.

Been busy since I came back from Eid holiday. Palliative care conference, MSK (though i dun really know what my role actually is), Sambutan Hari Raya (this one is a big one) and taraaa.."WEEK 5"! And I was like, "whaaaat? exam is in 2 weeks je lagi!" T_T

Lost my passport back in Malaysia. Also, lost my permit and stuffs. Really, much thanks to the burglars (desperately want to kick you in the face..oops). Still, until today, my KITAS (a temporary stay permit) has not been settled yet. You know, it has been 9 times I went to the immigration office. Next visit would be the 10th!

Woke up in one morning, only to be acknowledged that "Many people say susah if kahwin dengan doktor. Nanti jarang balik rumah. Kemas rumah, masak nanti husband yang kena buat". Broken-hearted. Sabar ye wahai para doktor!

Made my first short film "Ini Kisah Aku" for the Hari Raya event. Well, basically the message is seriously a big reminder for me. I guess I was kind of away from the track. I spend most of my time with this and that. But this heart really hopes that Allah may accept them as ibadah. Amiinn. Btw, do watch it here; Ini Kisah Aku . It is about a journey of a Rp2000 (sama dgn 80sen cmtuh) Semoga bermanfaat. :)

Got a bad news. Most part of me says it's not true. But I don't know. Ya Allah, semoga semuanya baik-baik sahaja.

Being mad at someone but I feel bad about it at the same time.

Rindu rumah. Tetibe. My parents had just moved into a new house in JB. Can't wait to see my room! Seriously dekat dengan Danga Bay. Bolehlah turun Singapore pasni. Hee!

Research oh researchhhh! *pening*

It's time for me to, you know increase my speed in this track. When I was asked to handle that particular thing, I was like.."Ya Allah, layak ke aku?" I'm afraid that I am not good enough at DF-ing people. But, got some words from a friend "Give it a try. Usaha je. Allah yang ketuk hati tu..tapi dalam masa yang sama kena tambah ilmu and amal tu" Thanks love! Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. Amin.

Read my friends' blogs talking bout Jatuh Cinta yang pertama dengan Allah. Hmm. Rase macam kena tembak sekejap. Jom sama-sama cari saat2 tu balik. T_T

Should be married on my birthday this year coz the date would be "211112". Awesome kan? Kikiki..:P

c'est tout! (that's all)


  1. Finally living room is back....weeeeee

  2. B: cepat carikan! xD
    Atie: living room is always back bile exam dh dekat. haha