Saturday, September 08, 2012

Those stories are mine now.

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Today, I'm an almost-21-year-old girl. Lots of stories I've known on my way to reach this stage of my life. I was a bookworm back in my primary school. I enjoy reading stories about life, investigations..not that lovey-dovey-Alaf 21-novels. But, my interest in reading storybooks faded when I entered secondary school. I guess, that was just because there were textbooks needed more attention. Apart of reading, I got to know more stories by watching movies, news, gossiping, listen to the radio, went to talks and etc.

Those stories I heard, they're  variable. From a happy-colourful story to a grey-sorrow-sad-sad story..and there were stories that I wish they would never occurred to me. The stories that don't need me to be a part of the characters. And for these stories, I wish I just could be a reader or a watcher that would learn something from them.

But Allah has His own plans for me. When Allah says 'kun fayakun', so be it. And..taraaaa, I guess I've became the main character in one of the stories. I'm pretty sure there must be something that He wants me to learn from what I'm confronting right now. Perhaps people around me would say "Poor she" or "Pity her" or whatever. Thanks for the sympathies but what made me stronger is the fact that our life in this dunya is short. too short if compared to the Hereafter. Seriously, what made me strong is my faith to Allah and His promises. He's the best listener ever. Allah sebaik-baik tempat bergantung. And, someday this story would come to an end. Either it's a happy ending or sad ending, I don't know. But all that I hope, I would settle down peacefully in the Afterlife phase, insya-Allah..amiinnn..

what's your story, btw?

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