Wednesday, August 03, 2011

saya anti kamu


First of all, this post is not addressed to any human. It's Ramadhan right? no hatred feeling please. :)
but it is about a little creature. well, usually i love little things like little fingers of babies, barbie's tea cups plus the garments, sweets and lollipops etc. because of their cuteness of being little. But this one, i'm sorry I couldn't give any part of my love towards it.

Well, I first met this creature in the Tom and Jerry Show. As everyone noticed, Jerry, the little creature always won in any fight with Tom, the cat. Tom is a bully, yeah I know...but Jerry is a BIG bully. *tak padan badan kecik, heh!* And, usually it was Jerry that messed with Tom first. Poor Tommm, bad Jerry!

Lucky that this little creature appeared on Mickey M**** show in a better personality. I didn't really follow this show, but this little creature played the 'good-guy' role, if I'm not mistaken. Hurmm. no comment.

Then, it was in the year 1999 or 2000 when I first met this little creature, face-to-face. I was jumping on the bed with my sister when suddenly we saw it crawling behind the closed door. And, we were screaming like crazies. Yup, like crazies. Then....I forgot what happened next.

Next, after a few years after the incident, which was in 2008 (when I was in Form 5). My dorm was at the ground floor, with my locker stood at the edge of the dorm, right next to the window. It was always filled with food at the bottom part of the locker. However, the doors of the locker couldn't be closed properly, leaving a   small passage for this little creature. And, yeah, this little creature became a regular visitor to my locker. I still remember how mean it was when it bite all boxes of my Dutch lady milk. And the next day it bite my dates. It was in Ramadhan. Im sure it is. Not only that, it bite my baju kurung, and the worse part is, I only realized the torn part while in class (prep malam) when I was wearing that baju kurung. See? Dia sangat jahat, okay!

The story of this little creature didn't stop there. In early 2010, it attacked my room in my college. It bite my bed sheet, my begs, my clothes, etc. I threw quite a number of my clothes as most of them got holes! Not only that, it peed and pooped on my bed, in my closet..see? how cruel it is!

And a few weeks ago, it attacked my kitchen in my home in Jogja. It gave holes to the plastics of the flour, scattering all the spices inside the cupboard and caused us such a great loss. Most of those spices were imported from Malaysia and they were limited. Again, it pooped. But, alhamdulillah it was busted.

A few days ago it attempted to attack again. I saw it twice, running into the kitchen. But last night, Baby saw it crawled into the kitchen again. Thanks to Baby that she set up the trap. Before midnight, it was caught and for sure, it will be sentenced to death.

And that is how "Saya Anti Kamu, Encik Tikus!"

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