Wednesday, July 14, 2010



it's 2.05 a.m..but i still can't sleep. why? because, i just got back from Alor Setar and i was asleep for almost the whole 5 hours journey. hebat tak? haha. so, at this moment, i feel so energetic and that's why i am writing this post. by the way, there's nothing much to say about  Kedah because i went there not for vacation but to visit my sister's spouse's family which just moved from Langkawi to Alor Setar.

Back from Kedah, the first thing i've done was checking my hammy-hammy's. what's a hammy-hammy? Later, i'll tell you. okay. Alhamdulillah, they are all still ALIVE. then i counted them. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and TEN only? one hammy-hammy is missing! ok, cuak! i called Ayah, Ibu and my second sister whether they took the 11th hammy-hammy. but, negative. they didn't. 
okay, we (me + my eldest sister) searched around the house for the hammy-hammy. but we didn't find it. we were wondering; maybe it was eaten by the cat. might be. or maybe it was still in our house and hiding itself from us for no reason. this freaked us out as we always sleep in the hall, on the floor (covered by toto). and if it is still out there, there's a possibility for it to bite us during we were sleeping. doesn't that sound scaarrryyy? auwww! my sister play it safe as she decided too sleep on the sofa. tak aci betul! and i'm gonna sleep on the floor. tak mungkin hammy-hammy datang. *positive thinking*

tapi saya tak megantuk lagi. while i was busy reading people's blog, i saw something black moving at the bottom part of my toto. i thought it was a cockroach, a big one. for the second thought, it might be the lost hammy-hammy. i switched on the light, and i saw the lost hammy-hammy. oh, there you are naughty hammy-hammy. maybe it misses me a lot that it would like to sleep with me tonight. ahahah. but then the little creature was sent to its home sweet home. fuhhhh, nasib baik saya tak tidur lagi, kalau tak mesti penyek hammy-hammy tu nanti.

hamster a.k.a hammy-hammy

hammy-hammy sounds cute, rite? :P

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I want to make a dress right now.


it has been a long time since the last time i touched my mum's sewing machine and i am kind of missing it. seriously! only a few knew that i do have interest in making clothes.
The first dress i had made was for my Barbie doll. i still remember how i cut some old t-shirts and socks and with a needle and a spool of black thread, i managed to come out with some dresses for my dolls. i just realized it NOW that those dresses were terrible. as if the dolls could talk, they would say "OMG, is this a dress or what? I'm not gonna wear it!" but i was 11 back then, so OK la kot dah boleh menjahit. haha. A friend of mine don't even know how to sew the small torn part of her baju kurung. And guess what..she was 18 that time! So, mama's out there, do teach your daughters or even your sons to do simple sewing steps. seriously, they need  them :P

During the holidays, after SPM, i made a dress for myself from my mother's old skirt. Although the needlework wasn't that neat, i'm still proud of it. the first handmade dress for HUMAN! it is mostly black and there is yellow pattern at bottom part of it. a vintage dress, i think. i wore it for a few times and even when I was on trip to Langkawi with Bear. Bear's mum even said the dress is nice and it is still hanging in my room as i write this post. :D

however, my mum's sewing machine got broken when i used it to make the mentioned dress. my bad. no more sewing machine but seriously, i do want to make a dress rite now. mode: sewing.
fabrics, where are you? i come! *with scissors in hand*


oh, anyone selling cheap second hand sewing machine? buzz me!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

so, welcome back.


so, here i am...writing something so that my blog will be active again. i hooppe soo!

Right now, i'm in the middle of not-too-long holiday, as i just ended my A-level course 3 weeks ago and waiting for my result.takut sangat!
At first, I have the thought of getting a part time job, but I don't think anyone would hire me because I only can do the job for a month besides the fact that there will be no transport. sad:(
I did spot a job at one shop selling shoes at Tesco Semenyih and the income is rm700++..I think it's WOW!
i mean,  the job is not that tough and tiring like working at fast food restaurants or cashier at hypermarket. Only dealing with SHOES, which is one of my eye-obsession! I like looking at shoes but buying them? well, let me think about it..errmm..are they worth?  where and when i shall wear them? naaahhh, no needlah. The last time i bought a pair of shoes was...bile ek? err...i don't remember, but of course this year and I used them on the Graduation night.

a pair of black gladiator heels.

As my first mission already failed, so I go to the next plan which is learning cooking! along this holidays, I've learned cooking 'daging masak blackpepper', 'nasi lemak( full set)', mustards in oyster sauce, shrimp paste fried rice (nasi goreng belacan). well. simple2 sudah. next recipe will be chicken curry and bubur durian. i'm thinking of pengat pisang as well cause dah lameeeee tak makan pengat pisang. plus macaroni kot. Oh, wish me luck.

my first trial of nasi lemak; does it look tasty?..:P

But then, there is ONE thing that i'm afraid of, which I believe some other girls would also worry about. WEIGHT!  ohh..tell me how can I can destroy the fact that gaining weight is so muccchhh easier than losing some kg's..Aaaarghh..! The last holidays (after SPM), I put almost 10 kilos in my body. haha.. well done! so here I am, being a kind of fat large-sized woman. way larger than 36"- 26"- 36". totally. ergh, whatever.