Wednesday, July 07, 2010

so, welcome back.


so, here i am...writing something so that my blog will be active again. i hooppe soo!

Right now, i'm in the middle of not-too-long holiday, as i just ended my A-level course 3 weeks ago and waiting for my result.takut sangat!
At first, I have the thought of getting a part time job, but I don't think anyone would hire me because I only can do the job for a month besides the fact that there will be no transport. sad:(
I did spot a job at one shop selling shoes at Tesco Semenyih and the income is rm700++..I think it's WOW!
i mean,  the job is not that tough and tiring like working at fast food restaurants or cashier at hypermarket. Only dealing with SHOES, which is one of my eye-obsession! I like looking at shoes but buying them? well, let me think about it..errmm..are they worth?  where and when i shall wear them? naaahhh, no needlah. The last time i bought a pair of shoes was...bile ek? err...i don't remember, but of course this year and I used them on the Graduation night.

a pair of black gladiator heels.

As my first mission already failed, so I go to the next plan which is learning cooking! along this holidays, I've learned cooking 'daging masak blackpepper', 'nasi lemak( full set)', mustards in oyster sauce, shrimp paste fried rice (nasi goreng belacan). well. simple2 sudah. next recipe will be chicken curry and bubur durian. i'm thinking of pengat pisang as well cause dah lameeeee tak makan pengat pisang. plus macaroni kot. Oh, wish me luck.

my first trial of nasi lemak; does it look tasty?..:P

But then, there is ONE thing that i'm afraid of, which I believe some other girls would also worry about. WEIGHT!  ohh..tell me how can I can destroy the fact that gaining weight is so muccchhh easier than losing some kg's..Aaaarghh..! The last holidays (after SPM), I put almost 10 kilos in my body. haha.. well done! so here I am, being a kind of fat large-sized woman. way larger than 36"- 26"- 36". totally. ergh, whatever.


  1. bellu? i did comment on this before u know..
    pelik die x appear..? haha
    btw, wow!ko dah pandai masak mcm2! ak jealous!!!

  2. ade ek nik? pelik2.
    btw, takde la mcm2. byk lagi nak blajar. nak mempersiapkan diri untuk future career as a wife.:P

  3. bgos2 abel..
    t brakfast lunch n dnnr abel

  4. haha..bleh2..tpi kne ade ongkosnye..
    no money, no talk la babe:P