Thursday, July 08, 2010

I want to make a dress right now.


it has been a long time since the last time i touched my mum's sewing machine and i am kind of missing it. seriously! only a few knew that i do have interest in making clothes.
The first dress i had made was for my Barbie doll. i still remember how i cut some old t-shirts and socks and with a needle and a spool of black thread, i managed to come out with some dresses for my dolls. i just realized it NOW that those dresses were terrible. as if the dolls could talk, they would say "OMG, is this a dress or what? I'm not gonna wear it!" but i was 11 back then, so OK la kot dah boleh menjahit. haha. A friend of mine don't even know how to sew the small torn part of her baju kurung. And guess what..she was 18 that time! So, mama's out there, do teach your daughters or even your sons to do simple sewing steps. seriously, they need  them :P

During the holidays, after SPM, i made a dress for myself from my mother's old skirt. Although the needlework wasn't that neat, i'm still proud of it. the first handmade dress for HUMAN! it is mostly black and there is yellow pattern at bottom part of it. a vintage dress, i think. i wore it for a few times and even when I was on trip to Langkawi with Bear. Bear's mum even said the dress is nice and it is still hanging in my room as i write this post. :D

however, my mum's sewing machine got broken when i used it to make the mentioned dress. my bad. no more sewing machine but seriously, i do want to make a dress rite now. mode: sewing.
fabrics, where are you? i come! *with scissors in hand*


oh, anyone selling cheap second hand sewing machine? buzz me!


    sme with me..
    the first dress i made 4 my dolls jugak..giler sexy..hahahah..

  2. haha...agak la..
    malas nak jahit byk2 sebenarnye..ngehehe..