Wednesday, August 04, 2010

dear liar.


Being almost 19 years old has taught me a lot in life. And i'm pretty sure I'll learn a lot in the future as 'the older you get, the more you will learn'. But at this point of life, I've learned soooo many things that I could barely differ things between the good ones and the bad ones. And of course LYING TO MY FACE wasn't a thing that should be grouped into the good ones.

Dear liar,
I love you when I don't know that you're lying about something to make me pleased,
but I hate you when you're busted with all your big lies.
tipu sunat is okay when it's about something that is no big deal.
tapi kalau nak tipu untuk cover all the trashy things you've done, but the reality is I knew, it really hurts me.
so, stop it lah. stop hurting people okay.
Right now, I'm still holding my patient, keeping my mouth shut. But who knows when will I reach my boiling point, screaming out what I've kept for long time, revealing all your lies one by one right to your face!
If you think you are happy doing this now, believe me, life is not as easy as you think as there is karma.
One day, you will be ashamed of being a big liar and at that time you are going to lose what you have owned since long time ago.

1 comment:

  1. i understand.
    terang-terangan menipu nak cover2 lagi.
    banyak spesies ni dkt tmpt akak.