Tuesday, February 21, 2012

cinta itu wujud ga?


Alhamdulillah, done with the block exam, done with the third semester. it's been approximately one and a half year since my first breath in Yogyakarta. wooww, i didn't realise that time could fly that FAST. it feels like i've just got here yesterday. (okay, itu tipu)

So, I had my exam on last Thursday, in the morning. It was errr NO FUN at all. so after that, I decided to lullaby myself at my regular salon, lemme just name it as Salon A.

Worker 1: Mbak Nabilah, kok datangnya sendiri? Mau bikin apa hari ini?
Saya: Iya, temannya semuanya baru pulang dari shopping. Hari ini saya mau bikin ....... Bisa ga?
Worker 1: ohh..bisa kok!

It took about 4 hours to finish my business there. As I was well-informed that the process would take a long time, I brought along my novels "Al-Quran Braille Buat Nadia" and also "Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang" to you know, avoid boredom.

Along the 4 hours, we had our conversations, talking about random things, Siti Nurhaliza, Manohara, Malaysian students..bla bla bla..lots of thing. And when there's nothing to talk about, maybe because there is still a little amount of awkward, i read the magazine and then my novel "Al-Quran Braille buat Nadia".
Suddenly, one of the worker came and sit in front of me asking me about the novel i read. I explained and then offered her my other novel. As the title  "Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang". She suddenly asked me about Cinta aka Love and here goes the conversation:

Dia : Mbak Nabilah, sebenarnya cinta itu wujud ga?
Saya : Maksud mbak? wujud gimana itu? *weird face*
Dia : Maksudnya cinta itu wujud ga dalam Al-Quran?
Saya : Ohhh..hmmmph, kalu bagi Mbak, cinta itu maksudnya apa?
Dia : Cinta itu bagi saya pertemuan antara dua insan gitu. (what she meant is couple)
Saya : ohh..okay..ermm..kalau begitu, gimana pula cinta kepada ibu bapa? atau mungkin cinta kepada Allah? Wujud ga?
Dia : Thinking face..ohhh..iya kannn

I explained to her about love although I knew only a little about it. Cinta itu wujud, love does exist, even in Al-Quran Allah stated about how mankind would love their family, property, keduniaan more than Allah and his Messenger. And that's how a life of a man is ruined which is when the love is not poured into the right path.

And then she asked; how about the love between a man and a woman? In Islam, does it exist?
Yes it DOES exist. Allah has created us to have desire (nafs), in a way that we could attract to something, including the attraction between man and woman. But at the same time Allah give us intelligence (akal) to control our desire. So, love between a man and woman does exist, but it's our decision to make it haram or halal. And, the halal way, of course by nikah.

And she asked again, why is it haram to berpacaran (couple)?
I smiled and asked her, mbak tau ga zina hati? She nodded and said "zina hati tu kaya kalau kita teringat2 sama pacar kita ya?" I added "iya, itulah antara perkara yang membuatkan cinta itu haram. tambahan pula, kalau pacar2 kan mau pegang-pegang, itu pun haram kan. Mending nikah aja mbak..hehe".
And then, she smiled and said "oh, iya gitu ya. Baru aku ngerti"

and the conversation didn't stop there;

Dia : kalau begitu, mbaknya, kapan mau nikah?
Saya : Errr..

p/s: correct me if I'm wrong. :)

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